CASE STUDY: Placemaking & Public Art Webcast


  1. We are BORED: “We are not easily entertained any more…”
  2. We have little TRUST
  3. We have to pee

Planning Webcast Channel presentation download on Placemaking & Public Art by Paula Rees Principle of Foreseer: July 2017 . Starts at around 00:03:30 running time.

“On large complex mixed-use projects, how is “placemaking” orchestrated to provide variety, meaning, and unity? What are the considerations in selecting artists and what principles are transferable to other settings? Paula Rees, a Seattle-based designer, will present her philosophy of makes a “place” and the integrated details of her team’s work into mixed-use developments across the U.S. Places that have been exceptionally successful due to creating, or recreating dynamic streetscapes, vibrant retail and memorable public space. Current projects to be shared will include Pike & Rose, the new 24-acre neighborhood in Montgomery County, MD, as well as Assembly Row, a 55-acre “best new neighborhood” emerging in Boston, MA, and Interbay, a flex-industrial neighborhood Rees helped rezone near downtown Seattle. Rees will clarify the role of public art in placemaking, and the connection between providing environmental experiences, and the synergy with retail and attracting people”.

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