CASE STUDY: The Creative Placemaking Challenge

The Creative Placemaking Challenge from Winnipeg Arts Council on Vimeo.
Urban Idea’s Creative Placemaking Challenge Documentary, a film by Mike Maryniuk

On a sunny Friday in August 2014, ten groups of creative people mounted installations in the alleys of Winnipeg’s West Exchange District as part of Urban Idea’s Creative Placemaking Challenge.

Filmmaker Mike Maryniuk followed them as they were tasked with reinventing an alley for one day. Installations provided passers-by with the opportunity to look at space differently, to engage in a wide variety of activities, and to experience first-hand how embedding creativity and the arts into our neighbourhoods can be transformational for cities.

Thousands of people interacted with the ten installations which captured the imagination and inspired thinking about the endless possibilities of Winnipeg’s underused but architecturally significant spaces.

For more information about the Creative Placemaking Challenge, and the rest of the Year of Urban Ideas, please visit

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