Mill Hill Archaeological Dig Commencing Soon…

mill hill

There are going to be some new neighbours moving in next door to #thetestbed (boundary marked in yellow) on UCLan’s Mill Hill site next week. As well as aesbestos surveying prior to demolitions, a series of archaeological digs will also commence, as led by Allen Archaeology . This is required as an undertaking to discharge certain pre-commencement planning conditions relating to our new Student Centre & University Squares Project.

Looking forward to hearing all about what Allen Archaeology might uncover. The Lancashire Archaeological Advisory Service will also be on site in December for a final inspection of the dig.

Case Study: Does Preston Need an Interfaith Strategy?

Fascinating Research Paper tabled during #InterfaithWeek “Interfaith Dialogue and Social Action: Does Preston Need an Interfaith Strategy?” by Cllr. Martyn Rawlinson @martynrolly

Many complex conclusions and encouraging recommendations going forward as one would naturally imagine. But in particular, and when considering #thetestbed aspirations for creative cultural engagement within the brand new civic public realm of #UCLanUniversitySquare, the following recommendation extracts are seen as being particularly notable:

  • …Physical spaces needs to be maintained for increased opportunities for multi-cultural, multi-faith encounters, including local and central public spaces….
  • …Projects should concentrate on social action, on issues that communities want to tackle while engaging diverse culture and creating conversations….
  • …Funding (needed) to develop innovative projects on interfaith dialogue and social action; and a public/faith/voluntary sector partnership taking ownership of a campaign to promote education, citizenship and democracy among communities…

…about the new UCLan Student Centre


Check out the background and links above and here to the new @UCLanMasterplan Student Centre due to start on site in 2019. In the meantime, we at #thetestbed are already here in advance “…exploring how people will use the new university square, soon to be built in this space, through events, engagement & artworks…” Check it out. #UCLanStudentCentreandAdelphiSquare #UCLanMasterplan #Preston